Foreign player in HVK - What to do?

Welcome to Hvidovre Volleyball Klub

If you are interested in playing for Hvidovre Volleyball Klub (HVK), please read the following info, before proceeding with application.
Our sports center is located close to Copenhagen, 10 minutes by train.

The 1. Teams (men and women) practices 4 times a week + physical. There is and Head coach, an assistant coach, a physical coach and a physiotherapist connected to the team.

The players on the team are amateurs but serious and ambitious, and we sometimes add a few foreign players as “High performers” to the team. HVK provides accommodation close to the gym – a room in a shared compartment - shared with other volleyball players or coaches. Maybe you already live in Denmark and want to join as amateur og coach, or maybe you have plans to come to the Copenhagen area and study? Or maybe you are looking for a contract?

HVK don’t use players contracts. The players work as youth coaches on a coach contract, and besides that, they are offered part time additional work for sponsors. That means you can earn a small financial support/salary by working for the club or sponsors.
Off course HVK will help you coordinating your time of practice/transportation/work/study, and be at your service with all kind of support that you may need during your time in Denmark.
Its important to emphasize that all players must cover all expenses (salary, rent, tickets etc.) by their work income as coach and/or by working.
The only way we (Hvidovre Volleyball Klub) are able to make contracts/transfers with foreign players, is to help players get some work and earn salary and rent. The work type could be different kind of jobs like: construction, handyman, coaching etc. or maybe find something themselves.

It might not be the deal you are looking for, but it’s better to be honest about the contents of the contract, than being disappointed or surprised after arrival.

If you seek a full-time employment as a volleyball player, this is not the club, and we wish you good luck finding a professional contract.

 If you are still interested, please apply by mail, and if we agree on a cooperation, we will do everything possible to secure that you get a nice stay. 

Looking forward to your response with your personal data, your volleyball cv and some video material (max 2 years old). 

Best regards 

Hvidovre Volleyball Klub 

Phone: +45 3074 7804